Plant Foods Organic Division


*Stimulates biological activity in the soil
*Helps with nitrogen fixation
*1,000 different bacteria species essential for adapting to the different soil environments
*Mycorrhizae fungi component that helps with phosphate mobility to the plant

Clear Drip-O
*Helps break up bicarbonates in the soil, making nutrients tied up by the bicarbonates available to the             plant
*Stimulates the Kreb Cycle in the plant

Dormant Calcium
*Designed specifically for soil remediation

Growing Calcium
*Designed specifically for the plant
*Helps with plant structure

*Humic Acid
*Long chain carbon source
*Biological food source

*Calcium ions highly available to the plant helps with the plant structure
*80 essential trace minerals
*Available for up to 6 months

*Amino acid nitrogen source
*Contains a kelp source that helps with cytokine growth of the plant
*It is absorbed through the leaf
*Applied through:
*Sprinkler irrigation systems
*Spray Application
*Soft rock phosphate with 80 essential trace minerals
*Helps with cell density and increased crop weight
*Stimulates biological activity

Organic Cane Sugar
*A short chain carbon source
*Biological food source

Organic Gem Fish
*Consists of NPK and trace minerals with an animal protein
-Because of the animal protein, the NPK and 60 trace minerals are more likely to reach the plant,                   rather then be tied up in the soil
*The 60 trace minerals help with cell completion
*Biological food source
*Revamp is a nutrient source for plants that provides calcium,phosphate,and 80 trace minerals that                     break down over a 9 month period.
*This helps increase water and nutrient holding capacities as well as helping with the balance of base                 saturation soil issues.
*Used in soil for increased water and nutrient holding capacity
*Helps hold minerals at the root zone
*Helps keep the minerals from leaching into the ground water and run-off   

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